Product Description

This product is both BPA-free and FDA-approved, ensuring its safety for everyday use. It is made from natural fiber derived from wheat straw, providing a sturdy, durable, and eco-friendly option. With its 100% biodegradable composition, this product actively reduces the reliance on plastic materials, promoting a better environment. It is microwave and freezer safe, offering versatility in reheating or storing food. The product can withstand hot liquids up to 100°Celsius without compromising its integrity. Designed with the needs of children in mind, this product is suitable for kids as the material is resistant to cracking or breaking easily. Furthermore, the cover serves a dual purpose as it can be used as an additional plate or bowl, adding to its practicality and convenience.


Product Specifications

Material: Natural Wheat Straw

Color(s): Natural, Blue, Green, Pink

Dimension: Bowl – 15.5cm x 7cm; Cover – 15cm x 6cm; Fork – 15.3cm x 2.1cm; Spoon – 16.8cm x 3.2cm; Chopstick – 15.3cm

Sample Viewing: Upon request

# Includes 8% GST & free delivery to 1 Singapore location

* Excludes artwork preparation time

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