Product Description

Introducing our innovative luggage strap, a unique and user-friendly solution that combines a built-in digital scale and a combination lock. With this strap, you can conveniently secure your luggage while also having the ability to measure its weight accurately.

The built-in digital scale allows for quick and hassle-free weight measurement of your luggage. What sets our product apart is its detachable design, enabling you to easily separate the digital scale from the strap. This way, you can weigh other hand luggage or items separately, providing versatility and convenience.


Key features:

– 3-digit resettable combination lock for added security

– Dimensions of 200cm in length and 5cm in width, making it suitable for most luggage sizes

– Its usage helps you avoid costly airline overweight charges and eliminates the frustration of check-in delays


With our luggage strap, you can travel with confidence, knowing the weight of your luggage and ensuring a smooth check-in process without any unexpected fees.


Product Specifications

Material: PP, ABS, SGS and Polyester

Color(s): Customisable designs and colours

Dimension: 200cm x 5cm

Sample Viewing: Upon request

# Includes 8% GST & free delivery to 1 Singapore location

* Excludes artwork preparation time

For more information click here

For more information click here

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